10 Tips To Burn The MOST Fat With The LEAST Amount Of Effort and Time: A Quick Guide To Metabolic Rest Training (MRT)

6) How To Tell If You Are Getting The Right Fat Burning Effect From Your Workouts

Sweating, fat burn

>When you are exercising and your body becomes limited, you will get breathless. Your body registers this as a DISTURBANCE. When this happens, fat and sugar is being released from your cells!

>When your muscles are straining, and feeling a HEAVY effect, this generates testosterone (critical for men and ESSENTIAL for a healthy female sex drive) and also Human Growth Hormone. (The anti-aging hormone)

>Simple bodyweight exercises can trigger this heavy effect, you do not need weights. These hormones also signal the body to shape and tone your muscle.

>Heat is another indicator that your are working out the right way. Sweating is an indicator that you have triggered the fight or flight response.

>These sensations are not always pleasant, which is why you need to REST and RECOVER as much as you can!

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