The #1 Myth About Weight Loss Motivation

by Jackie Wicks

Jackie was sent an email a few days ago from a woman named Judith who has been a part of the PEERtrainer community for 4 years.

She had just completed the PEERtrainer Success Index, her number was 69.6 and she wanted to know what this meant and where she goes from here. She made this comment:

"I am in the mindset again where I know I need to lose weight and eat
better and exercise, but I just don't have the motivation to get started! 
There's so much information out there that I feel overwhelmed and don't
know where to begin!"

As Jackie has said for years, “confusion leads to inaction.” And there are a bunch of things that withstand any sort of confusion. Massive increase in vegetables, reduction in sugar, eating cleaner foods. Powdered greens are something that I’m into big time. Right now I’m training for a half marathon, and I’m doing a couple servings of powdered greens on top of what I already eat.

But I was thinking about this whole idea of “weight loss motivation” which is a term that people are constantly searching for. And I had the idea that if you have made enough of a conceptual shift about what you eat, the whole idea of “motivation” changes a lot.

If you eat the “old style norm” – basically the way we were all trained to eat- losing weight does require a ton of motivation. You need a ton of motivation to eat less of the “old style.”

But when you shift, the challenges shift. In a sense, you don’t need motivation to lose weight. You need motivation to pursue the correct strategies, which then makes things a lot easier.

The focus shifts to struggling with things like sugar and carbs, which is something that every single one of us deals with in some way. We all struggle, but the journey should simplify at least.

When you focus your “motivation” on adding a ton more vegetables to your diet, this helps to ease the guilt when we eat things that we all love. As my friend Srini would say, your brain is a deal maker. It will gladly agree to help you eat a ton of vegetables if there is a reward for that behavior.

Using this approach turns the foods you love into something that can motivate you, rather than discourage you. The whole idea of turning guilt on its head is at the core of the PEERtrainer Cheat System.

I’m curious- what has been your experience here, what do you find confusing, and what do you struggle with? Reply in the comments below! I’m also excited to bring “PEERtrainer University” to life. Please keep sending questions to Jackie, and we will keep the conversation going here.

The big idea I’m personally working on this year is that the progress we can all make is incredible. I have met some amazing people in the last year, and we are going to be bringing you some new tools that I hope will change your life as much as they have changed mine.

Tools Mentioned In This Article

1. PEERtrainer Success Index is a free tool that measures your odds of losing weight on a more long term basis. It measures a set of habits that are linked to greater success. Get your score here>>

2. Powdered Greens. Any powdered green is a great addition. I just placed an order for Athletic Greens. This is a partner of ours, and their formulation has a ton of things in it to help the body recover and function. I’m running about 25 miles a week right now, and need all the help I can get on the muscle recovery front.  I first learned about the power of powdered greens from Stu Mittleman, who helped coach me a little for my first half marathon a few years ago. Get them here>> Athletic Greens

3. PEERtrainer Cheat System. This is a simple to follow healthy eating plan that takes the guilt out of the equation. We are in the process of turning this into a structured program as well as book, that will be published by St Martins Press in May of 2014. Get The Latest Copy Here>> Cheat System Download Page (No Opt In Required)

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