10 Dangerous, Metabolism Killing Foods To Avoid and Never Eat Again

by Jackie Wicks

#2. Chocolate Decadence. This is the most popular shake recipe ever. It features vegetable protein which stays in your system longer than whey protein, keeping you fuller longer. Vegetable protein absorbs 50% more slowly. This is the #1 most popular breakfast shake recipe on PEERtrainer ever!

An important thing this Chocolate Decadence Recipe “Framework” does is get people in the greens habit. We know from a lot of the surveys that we have been reading that a) some people don’t like the taste of greens at all and b) for most people this is not s priority or focus.

So, this is the basic framework for the shake recipe. And we say “framework” because EVERYONE has their own take on things, ways of doing this. Some people like more fiber, some less. Some people add in ground flax seed.

Chocolate Decadence Recipe Base

1 Scoop Chocolate Vegalite

1 cup unsweetended Coconut Milk. (So Delicious is our preferred brand.)

6 Big Ice Cubes

1/2 Scoop Fibermend

1/2 Cup Water

1-4 Cups of Greens: Spinach, Kale- whatever you have, fresh or frozen

1 Teaspoon unsweetened Cocoa Powder.

1 Drop of Vanilla Extract

Mix ingredients on slow speed until the blended smooth. For the Vitamixer’s out there, try and keep the speed to a slower speed to avoid foaming up the mix and keeping it smooth.

If you are new to extra fiber in your diet, you’ll want to start small and work from there. Start with a little Fibermend

and then work from there.

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