10 Spice Shortcuts To Make Healthy Foods Taste Great

by Jackie Wicks

(This is an excerpt from The Cheat System Diet, a new book that outlines the best system for healthy weight loss ever created. The key to the success of the system is that it teaches you to make healthy food taste amazing!)

One of the best ways to lose weight and love you food is to discover what flavors and spices you love. What is it that you love about the taste of pasta meat sauce?

To replicate the flavor of a tasty Italian sausage sauce you can use tomatoes with basil, thyme, oregano, bay leaves and red pepper flakes in a recipe for a healthy tomato soup that tastes like the sauce you love.

It’s really easy to use spices to create delicious meals that taste similar to those bad-for-you “Cheat” foods. And once you start to use the spice shortcuts listed here, you will develop a sense of what works together to make meals taste great. Feel free to experiment with your spice rack and your must-have condiments.


These spice combos make anything taste great!

Spice Combo #1

Fresh lime, cilantro and red pepper flakes for Mexican-inspired meats, soups, fish and vegetables

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