10 Spice Shortcuts To Make Healthy Foods Taste Great

by Jackie Wicks
  1. 10.  Coconut milk, red pepper flakes, lime and onions for Thai-inspired dishes, and great for meats, vegetables and fish.


You can also use these spices to make easy salad dressings. A favorite of mine is Magic Lime Dressing, which I think is quite delicious and incredibly versatile, only has 3 ingredients: the juice of 2 limes, a pinch of salt, and 4 shakes of red pepper flakes.


Though you can add ¼ of avocado or some olive oil to it, that’s not necessary to make a delicious dressing for any salad or as a sauce to top protein like chicken or fish.


Remember, the most important thing is that you learn and you understand not only how to make great tasting, nutrient-rich foods when you are at home cooking, but also how to find those same meals out and about during your day.


If you find that you like tomatoes and onions and avocado, you will start to look for those combinations when you are at restaurants and you will find them!


You’ll start to see yourself eat better because it’s easy to do when those foods are in your fridge. You will feel more full because you are eating nutrient-rich foods, and you’ll take small steps to make vegetables taste better than you ever imagined. You will discover flavors that you never thought you’d like—and that you’ll soon love.

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