10 Tips To Burn The MOST Fat With The LEAST Amount Of Effort and Time: A Quick Guide To Metabolic Rest Training (MRT)

by Jackie Wicks
Personal Trainer With Good Form

3) Shorter Workouts Have Less Negative Impact on Hunger and Cravings

short intense workout body

>Your metabolism is not a calculator or a chemistry lab. It is more like a THERMOSTAT

>When you eat less and exercise more, your metabolism will produce changes that will result in more hunger, lower energy, increased cravings and a SLOWER metabolic rate.

>This ensures that you will end up eating more, exercising less and regaining any lost fat.

>SHORTER, intelligent workouts work WITH the way your natural metabolic composition. This is almost a LAW of fat burning- you need shorter more efficient workouts, period.

>When you burn more fat, your body does not go into craving mode to demand that the sugar stores get restored.

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