10 Tips To Burn The MOST Fat With The LEAST Amount Of Effort and Time: A Quick Guide To Metabolic Rest Training (MRT)

by Jackie Wicks
Personal Trainer With Good Form

4) Mixed Conditioning Workouts Amplify the Post Exercise AFTER-BURN

pair of dumbbells, exercise strength equipment>Think of an exercise session as an earthquake. Just like an earthquake causes a disruption in the earth, exercise causes a metabolic disruption.

>The bigger the metabolic disturbance, the greater the metabolic aftershocks will. High intensity workouts burn more fat during a workout than long-form cardio does. And it burns dramatically MORE fat after- in the aftershock period.

>Metabolic workouts create a “hormonal soup” that keeps fat burning going for hours or days after the exercise session is finished.

>This is known as a Metabolic Aftershock, where a short 15 minute workout can help your muscles burn fat for up to 48 hours after.

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