10 Tips To Burn The MOST Fat With The LEAST Amount Of Effort and Time: A Quick Guide To Metabolic Rest Training (MRT)

by Jackie Wicks
Personal Trainer With Good Form

9) Short, Intense Exercise is Anti-Inflammatory Because it Enhances the Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines IL-10

Marines bootcamp exercise

>Inflammation is the #1 enemy of your health

> Many forms of intense exercise are highly inflammatory

>Jade Teta’s Metabolic Aftershock is a program that PEERtrainer STRONGLY recommends. This is an inexpensive program that delivers DOABLE Metabolic Rest Training that literally anyone can do.

>Vascular occlusion exercises also help to distribute micronutrients in the blood to the muscles and cells. When you eat a nutrient dense diet like The Cheat System Diet, this increases micronutrient levels in the blood. MRT  exercise helps to ensure delivery of these micronutrients to the body.

>This gives you more energy, helps you naturally detoxify and speeds up weight loss.

>This kind of “intelligent exercise” helps protect your telomeres from being shortened. Telomeres are strands of DNA that determine how long you live. You want to keep them as healthy and as long as possible.

>Exercise is the #1 anti-aging therapy EVER tested.  It helps to reduce risk of dying from ANY cause.  It’s particularly protective against diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are too old, too out of shape or don’t have enough time to take advantage of the powerful anti-aging benefits of these exercise molecules.

>If you can squeeze, pulse, do gentle squats, doable pushups you can benefit from this intelligent exercise.

>Metabolic Rest Training also helps to boost HGH, which can be referred to as a “youth hormone.” HGH regenerates and repairs your cells. It makes your muscles firm, skin tight, bones strong and joints healthy.

HGH helps you maintain an attractive body shape by maximizing lean muscle and minimizing body fat. (That means a nice hourglass shape for women and a powerful superman-style V-shape for men.)

Unfortunately, as we age past 25, our HGH levels plummet. By age 40, HGH dips to 40% of what it was at 20. And by age 55 it shrinks to a measly 20%!

>Studies have shown as little as 15 minutes of Metabolic Rest Training results in an HGH spike of up to 352%.

>Learn More about The Metabolic Aftershock Program Here

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