The 12 Rules You Must Follow To Burn Fat (In A Healthy, Natural Way)

by Jackie Wicks

1. Learn Which “Healthy” Foods Destroy Your Metabolism

Any kind of grain, not just gluten, program your body to store fat.  Sweeteners like Agave might be low glycemic, but they SPIKE insulin, which leads to fat storage. If you do go gluten-free, you might want to skip most other grains while you are at it.


“Gluten-free” foods are just as bad on your system and help cause weight loss resistance. If you avoid sweeteners like Agave, Canola Oil, Grains, Corn and foods sprayed with Pesticides, it is going to be easier to lose weight.

Easier said than done because these foods are in EVERYTHING. But as you remove these foods, it will be easier to lose weight.

Tip: A Chocolate Shake done the RIGHT way can be a YUMMY way to boost your metabolism right out of the gate in the am.

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