The 12 Rules You Must Follow To Burn Fat (In A Healthy, Natural Way)

by Jackie Wicks

10. Pain Equals Gain.

Key Point: Stop Working Out So Hard, This Keeps The Fat On

I have an entire Chapter of my new book, The Cheat System Diet, that explains to people that if you are in pain, you are going to gain. This is the OPPOSITE of what most of us are programmed to do. We are programmed to to p90x, to do spinning class. But very few of us have the physical baseline to perform at those levels.

If you workout too hard, you are going to elevate your stress levels. How This Works In The Real World If you burn 500 calories in a high intensity workout, most likely you are burning sugar.

In this case your body starts to send signals out to replace that sugar ASAP. Hence sugar cravings.

When you approach exercise in a more comfortable and enjoyable pace, you can begin to draw from the broader sources of energy in your body.

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