The 12 Rules You Must Follow To Burn Fat (In A Healthy, Natural Way)

by Jackie Wicks

2. Calories Count, But Where They COME FROM Matters More

Key Point: If you are doing a traditional diet, stop it now and burn more fat.

For years now, we have seen in the PEERtrainer Weight Loss Lab that when people start to increase their green vegetable intake in a BIG way, it becomes easier to lose weight. If  traditional diets like Weight Watchers, NutriSystem and Jenny Craig worked, the country would not be fat. These programs still have value, because they taught you the basics of portion control.


The 12 steps in this guide help to really build on portion control, which will make weight loss easier. The reality is that some foods promote fat storage, and some foods promote fat burning. The calories in involved usually DO NOT MATTER. Foods low in sugar, generally promote fat burning.

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