The 12 Rules You Must Follow To Burn Fat (In A Healthy, Natural Way)

by Jackie Wicks

6. Fiber Is A Fat Loss MUST (And Also Helps You Live Longer!

Key Point: Aim For 40 grams of fiber a day

When it comes to fiber, you cannot have enough, and enough is hard to get. The average person gets around 10 grams a day. You need 40 grams of fiber or more to maximize fat loss, and prevent heart disease. The best sources of fiber include beans, avocado, raspberries, lentils, and leafy as well as cruciferous veggies. Aim for another 10 to 15 grams a day from a high quality fiber supplement.

When nutritionists talk about fiber, the first thing to know is that there are two primary types:

Soluble Fiber, which can dissolve in water
Insoluble Fiber, which cannot dissolve in water

These might seem like unimportant differences, but they actually make a huge difference in the way fiber behaves in our body.

Soluble fibers tend to gel, dramatically increasing their viscosity, or thickness. When we consume soluble fiber, it gels in the stomach, making the chyme (the liquidy digested food that passes from the stomach to the small intestine) thicken. If you imagine how much slower molasses drains from a bottle compared to water, then you get the picture of how soluble fiber slows down the rate of your stomach emptying!

Insoluble fibers, on the other hand, absorb less water, do not gel, and do not significantly affect how fast food empties from your stomach. In contrast to soluble fiber, insoluble fiber makes food travel faster through your intestines by adding bulk to it—in this way, insoluble fiber is great in helping to prevent constipation. Since insoluble fiber gains so much bulk, it too can make you feel fuller.

Tip: Breakfast shakes with added fiber help you meet your daily fiber requirement. Fiber is also the #1 food for better skin according to Dr. Susanne Bennett!

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