15 Strategies to Not Gain Weight During Your Next Vacation

by Jackie Wicks

dream vacation in indonesiaIt’s not just the return flight’s anticlimactic tedium that sucks. After 10 days in some exotic locale, a work tsunami awaits you at the office and you’re feeling the effects of overindulging one too many times. 

Not just an I let myself go one night and ate a gargantuan bowl of double chocolate walnut brownie sundae splurge either. You’ve had an all-out, epic-proportion food and alcohol orgy these last 10 days. 

Now, sitting in a cramped middle seat in row 47, you feel the waistline of those jeans you swore felt a little loose before you left pushing against your stomach, so you reluctantly loosen another buckle.

As you await takeoff, you brainstorm ways to rid those 10 pounds you’re certain have accumulated around your midsection during vacation. You’ll double-book your trainer, have salads for lunch and dinner, and blow off drinks with your friends this coming Friday. 

Damage control works best when you think ahead. Realistically you’re not planning to lose weight on your next vacation. You’ll indulge, yet with these strategies, weight gain won’t be among your return-flight regrets. 

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