15 Tips To Get ANY Family To Stop Hating Each Other

by Jackie Wicks

Don’t Let your Kids Divide and Conquer You

sister and brother on street curb

  1. Don’t allow your kids play you against each other to get the answer they want. This will challenge a good marriage and make a strained one even worse.
  2. You, mom and dad, have to be on the same page in what you communicate to your children. It is fine to “agree to disagree” if that is what it takes. It is less important what you jointly decide the rules are going to be than it is that you are on the same page. 
  3. If you don’t agree on a particular way to handle a situation, then don’t have your negotiation with your spouse in front of your teen. Take a walk, go for coffee or dinner, or wait until you have some quiet time alone to have the conversation.

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