15 Tips To Get ANY Family To Stop Hating Each Other

by Jackie Wicks

Tips for Families with a Step-Parent

Mother with daughter attending school

  1. Have realistic expectations about how long it will take for your teen to bond with his new step-parent. Like any relationship, you can’t really force it. It will take some time to naturally develop, so be patient and don’t push the river. Let it flow on it’s own.
  2. It is most likely going to work out better if his natural parent is the one who is the primary disciplinarian. This doesn’t mean he can treat his step- parent poorly or disregard him or her, but things will likely work more in your favor when his natural parent takes the lead on this. 
  3. If you are both bringing children from previous marriages to your new marriage, be careful about playing favorites or comparing them to each other. This will likely just breed further resentment and make things worse.

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