20 Foods To Avoid or Eat For Healthy and Supple Skin

by Jackie Wicks

Tip #1 For Clear Skin: AVOID Most (but Not All) Dairy Foods

Cup of Milk

  • After the age of 5, most people stop producing the enzyme that breaks down the lactose in milk.
  • When undigested milk enters the bloodstream, your gut starts reacting to these molecules, causing discomfort and an array of symptoms.
  • Grass-fed butter does NOT contain lactose, casein, or whey. Goat, sheep, and buffalo cheese DO contain these.
  • Whey protein can cause acne and other skin irritations.
  • Dairy also raises ESTROGEN to abnormal levels, which leads to reduced sex drive in women. Dairy foods can account of 60-70% of all estrogen taken in through diet. Most cows are milked continually throughout pregnancy, when estrogen levels are at their highest, so dairy can be very high in estrogen.
  • Additionally, consuming foods that contain sulfur, like garlic and onions, can help control and reduce estrogen levels. Sulfur-rich foods can assist the liver in breaking down toxins. The liver helps to break down and process excess estrogen, so eating to support it can be invaluable in lowering excess estrogen. The Cheat System Diet is an ideal plan to help bring estrogen levels to normal levels. The companion cookbook is available for free download, and it can help you get started immediately!
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