20 Foods To Avoid or Eat For Healthy and Supple Skin

by Jackie Wicks

Tip #3 For Clear Skin: AVOID Gluten-Containing Grains


  • Gluten-free foods and cookbooks have been exploding recently. The reason is that our bodies react poorly to the protein, to different degrees.
  • New research is showing that MOST people have some level of Gluten Intolerance. The protein passes through the gut wall, causing an array of reactions.
  • A Gluten Allergy occurs when your immune system has an overreaction to the gluten protein. Skin rashes, itching, hives and redness can be a result of this. 30% of people are now thought to be in this category.
  • Celiac Disease is a full blown auto-immune condition, where the immune system has an abnormal response to gluten and attacks both the intestine and the cellular structure of the body!
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