5 dangerous, metabolism-killing foods to NEVER eat (+ 5 Yummy Recipes That Trigger Lean Body Response)

by Jackie Wicks

5 PEERtrainer Cheat System Diet Recipes, Quick overview of the Cheat System:

The Cheat System Diet is based on a simple list that divides foods into two categories: Cheats and Eats. Cheats are the foods we all crave (cookie, anyone?) and Eats are nutrient-dense foods. You can eat as many Eats as you like. And you start with a certain number of Cheats every day, then earn more by making especially healthy choices, like having a big salad before dinner.

If you click on the image on the right side of this page, you can download a free eBook where you learn the basics, and we also have a free recipe guide for you. The Cheat System Is Simple, It Is A List Of Cheats and Eats We take out complicated calculation, we convince you that starving yourself won’t work, and we make it so food does not drive you crazy. You are no longer consumed with the thought of how you are going to get through meals with co-workers or obligation meals with in-laws.

The Cheat System builds upon what you ALREADY KNOW– that some foods are great for you and some foods are not- by giving you a super easy way to think about eating, incorporate exercise, and enjoying life into your diet.

We make is EASY for you to lose weight without restricting a single food from your diet. Some diet and exercise experts focus on the science of losing weight; nutrition, cortisol, hormones etc. Other zero in on exercise.

Get Your Free Cheats and Eats Guide Here Some diets concentrate on every calorie you eat. Some focus on micronutrients. Some emphasize eliminating entire food groups. And though all these factors have a hand in weight loss (and we will go over the key points of each in this book) what is MOST IMPORTANT is finding the plan that you will do- and that won’t cause the same frustration most of us feel on old fashioned diets.

With The Cheat System Diet, we reverse engineered weight loss, by focusing on the behaviors and habits you will actually follow through on no matter what. Even if your kids are in trouble in school or a client is exceptionally demanding that day. We created a plan that people can actually do in real life, one they can follow through on. Something for you to check out, one of many tools we have at PEERtrainer. Keep reading for the 5 best recipes from PEERtrainer.

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