5 dangerous, metabolism-killing foods to NEVER eat (+ 5 Yummy Recipes That Trigger Lean Body Response)

by Jackie Wicks

2. Canola Oil

This oil has been considered “healthy” because it does contain some omega-3 acids. But in order to make Canola Oil look nice and clear (which helps it sell) it has been refined beyond belief. And when Canola Oil is heated, the bad oils disappear, and the oil turns toxic.

What is crazy is that even places like Whole Foods Market still cook with Canola Oil. An easy way to avoid Canola Oil is to ask a restaurant to cook your food in Olive Oil or natural butter.


This process of heating up Canola Oil, common in many places that cook food commercially, can create some incredibly unhealthy trans-fats, which can damage your heart. When you dump this oil and replace it with healthier fats and oils, you’ll have more energy.

Canola is technically a healthy cooking oil — provided that it is never actually cooked. As long as it remains cold and inside its air-tight bottle or test tube — it tests to be healthy.

However, once heated, canola oil produces high levels of 1,3-Butadiene, benzene, acrolein, formaldehyde, and other related compounds which become infused into the foods being cooked. All traces of omega-3 are gone.

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