5 dangerous, metabolism-killing foods to NEVER eat (+ 5 Yummy Recipes That Trigger Lean Body Response)

by Jackie Wicks

#3. Cheat System Diet Burrito. This is something brand new, that did not make it into the book. But it became an instant hit. Read the comments below the recipe. Basically we took whole grains out of the burrito, and made it super crunchy and micronutrient rich. Check it out and have it as a snack ANY time you want.

This is an easy way to get full fast, and get a high dose of greens in the process. And also enjoy your favorite cheats. I got this idea from a ski trip with Dr. Joel Fuhrman a couple years ago.

Step 1 is to get a package of Romaine Lettuce Hearts. These are available everywhere- they are tasty and crunchy.


Step 2 is to take one of the Romaine Hearts out of the package, wash it, and then chew the very top of it off.

Step 3 is to then open the middle of the Romaine Heart and stuff it with literally anything you might like the taste of. For example, a couple slices of bacon makes this super tasty. Not something Dr. Fuhrman would approve of, but a tasty treat none the less.

Step 4 is to improvise and enjoy. Eat the whole thing and you will be so full. Goat cheese is something I have also tried, and found very tasty.

This is an important tip because one Romaine Heart is around 6 ounces. Which brings you close to the daily half pound of greens target that we have people aim for on The Cheat System Diet.

Romaine lettuce is a Micronutrient Powerhouse. It is high in an array of vitamins and minerals that are particularly good for heart health, stroke prevention, as well as weight loss and staying full.

Let us know the variations that you make!

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