5 Supplements Everybody Should Be Taking

by Jackie Wicks

#5: Protein Powder

Protein is lowest on the list because, out of all the supplements I recommend, it is the easiest to actually get from foods. However, I think it warrants a place because it is a cheap and effective way to boost total protein intake throughout the day, and because we can use protein shakes to replace meals which are typically more challenging to find healthful versions of.

The best example of this is breakfast. For whatever reason, breakfast foods are dominated by high-fat items, like bacon, sausage, and eggs, and high-sugar items, like pancakes, waffles, and French toast. It is certainly possible to eat a healthy breakfast without having a protein shake—salads and oatmeal are two easy examples—but the problem is that most of us have an idea of what breakfast should be engrained in our head, and it’s difficult to combat that. For whatever reason, a shake fits in the ‘idea’ of breakfast, though, and allows us to start the day right.

Protein powder might seem like a large investment, but consider that unlike most other supplements, this one is actually a meal replacement. This means that is displaces the cost of the meal you would have eaten, which brings the effective price of the supplement down.

Protein powder is not a wholesale replacement for traditional sources of protein. Unlike meat and beans, most protein powders (if any) are naturally good sources of vitamins and minerals. However, when used in conjunction with an otherwise healthy diet, protein powders can make life a little easier and be beneficial to a dietary plan.

Recommended Supplement: Thorne VegaLite
Recommended Dosage: At least 20 g protein per serving

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