5 Supplements Everybody Should Be Taking

by Jackie Wicks


Not every supplement is worth taking, and many supplements have a narrow range of therapeutic use—they may only be effective for certain conditions, or certain populations. The five supplements discussed in this article are much broader in their efficacy; they will provide worthwhile benefits to nearly all individuals.

As with all supplements, these five do not change how important it is to have a great diet, nor do they mitigate the risks associated with bad dietary habits. What they do do is potentially increase your health in a way that would be difficult to gain through diet alone, and that is a worthwhile endeavor!

Condensed Recommended List

#5: Protein Powder

Recommended Supplement: Thorne VegaLite
Recommended Dosage: At least 20 g protein per serving

#4: Probiotics

Recommended Supplement: GI Support Pack (includes Lactobacillus coagulans)
Recommended Dosage: As per manufacturer specification

#3: Curcumin

Recommended Supplement: Thorne Meriva-500™
Recommended Dosage: 500 mg per day, or as needed


Recommended Supplement: Thorne Super EPA
Recommended Dosage: 2 grams per day (with Super EPA, that is 3 capsules)

#1: Vitamin D

Recommended Supplement: Thorne D-1,000
Recommended Dosage: 2,000 IU per day to begin with (consider all sources); get a 25-hydroxyvitamin D test done to pinpoint dosage

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