7 Rules To Stop Emotional Eating At Night

by Jackie Wicks

4.    The “readily available’ food, food that takes less than 5 minutes to make must be good for you. 

This is a requirement.   When food that “tastes good” and is bad for you takes so little time to prepare, it’s the first thing you’ll go for when you’re starving and home from a hard day of work or school.  

Things like apples, pears, tabouli, celery with almond butter, carrots with hummus are all things that are “quick” go to foods that won’t ruin everything you work so hard to do.   This is an easy rule for yourself and it’s really just an extension of rule number 1 to get rid of all the junk but I wanted to give you suggestions of what you might have in your house as the new “junk food”, meaning the new readily available food you have on hand when your emotions have gotten the best of you. 

Because working on emotional eating and your responses and developing the habit to stop acting on your impulse is a process.  You have to have a food environment in the meantime that will support you.  These are readily available foods that will support you. 

What were other foods that you had with your mom besides chocolate ice cream?  Did she always put an apple in your lunch? If this just wasn’t the case, find emotional foods that do bring about care and love and happiness that are good for you.  Start to form those emotional connections with love and health in the same way that the ones of love and comfort foods were formed.   

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