7 Rules To Stop Emotional Eating At Night

by Jackie Wicks

6.    Buy different foods than you already have for your home. 

Remember what I said – these deep emotional eating foods have made a very deep groove in your brain. They have formed a “math equation” and your brain almost goes on automatic drive to make 1+2=3.  If you always have a cup of coffee with a cranberry scone, just the scent of coffee will most likely make you pick up a cranberry scone.

You need to make different equations in your brain.  This is the new you, the one who takes different actions to get a new result. This doesn’t mean that I’m asking you to get tasteless celery and suffer through your life!!!  No way.  That is NOT sustainable and I could never suffer eating things I didn’t like.

This means finding healthy alternatives in your home that you like as well.  Maybe it’s raspberries.  Maybe it’s tomato sprinkled with fresh basil and a little olive oil and lemon.  I know there are things out there that you like and I want you to buy different things.  Don’t just start eliminating the junk without making new purchases because if your brain still sees the same food, it’s still going to make associations with ice cream that used to sit right next to that frozen broccoli in the freezer. 

You need to make new associations.  Start of with some frozen raspberries that sit right next to that frozen broccoli.  If you’re trying to quit coffee, then “quit” something else you use to eat with it.  Make new connections in your brain, a new “1+2=3.”

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