The 7-Steps to Changing Anything in Your Life

by Jackie Wicks

3.    Cultivate the Overwhelming Motivation To Succeed

Some people are naturally motivated to make their goals and aspirations happen.  For these people, it’s relatively effortless.  While it would be nice if we were all like that all the time, not everybody necessarily has the urgency to bring their vision to light. 

They may have the capability, but not the urgency.

For those to whom this urgency does not come easily or naturally, they must at times “manufacture” the urgency, or else they run the risk of stagnation.  One “trick” if you will, for doing this is to become very clear on the pain that inaction will ultimately bring. 

If you don’t take action to lose weight, meet a mate or increase your income, where will you be in a year?  In 5 years?  How about 10 or 20? 

Realizing the pain that will result from inaction is powerful motivator for many people.  It can often then be enhanced by contrasting this pain/misery with the enormous pleasure that is going to result from taking action.   

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