The 7-Steps to Changing Anything in Your Life

by Jackie Wicks

4.    Change Your Patterns, Change Your Life

As a quick experiment, I want you to cross your arms.  Notice which arm is on top and which is on bottom.  Now reverse the order.  If your left arm was on top, make sure it is now on the bottom. 

Feels strange, doesn’t it?

Now try the same experiment by interlocking your hands so your palms are touching and your fingers are interlaced.  Which thumb is on top- your right or your left? 

Now switch everything around so your fingers are still interlaced, but the other thumb is on top.

Funny how that works?

These are patterns in your life.  They are physical patterns, but they are also metaphors for the emotional and psychological patterns in your life. 

These patterns show up in how we think about ourselves (“I am good” vs. “I am bad”), how we think of others (“I like people like him” vs. “I don’t like people like him”) and what we expect to be true in our lives (“I can be thin and happy” vs. “I will be overweight my whole life”). 

Of course these are simple examples, but they communicate the basic point. 

They also show up in our behaviors. For example, turning to food when we are stressed; acting with rage towards others when we are upset or scared (or bottling it up completely, by contrast); looking towards others for reassurance that we are “okay”.

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