The 7-Steps to Changing Anything in Your Life

by Jackie Wicks

Here is the Important Thing to Understand: Our Current Patterns Have Gotten Us to EXACTLY Where We Are in Our Lives Right Now.

They have gotten us no more and no less.  Therefore, if we stick to the same patterns, we are not going to change, and the circumstances of our lives are not very likely to change either.  

In order to get the changes we want, we have to change our patterns; we have to change our approach. When it comes to weight loss, for example, maybe this means following the “Eat To Live” approach for a month and mixing it up.

Maybe it means being open to getting outside feedback and coaching to help you uncover and correct your negative patterns.  Maybe it is as simple as saying “no” to somebody you generally say “yes” to or vice versa.

One great thing we find again and again at PEERtrainer is that an interruption in negative behaviors or emotions can lead to powerful results. We get lots of amazing fan mail at PEERtrainer and have for years.   One of the key reasons for this is that we provide tools and services that help people interrupt their negative patterns.

What is interesting is that PEERtrainer is growing faster than it ever has. The reason is that we keep taking action and introducing new ways for people to interrupt their old patterns by creating new products and services.  We have new email programs, new blogs, and a new “go at your own pace” coaching program that people are loving. 

All these new tools increase the odds that we will provide what people need to help them make the change towards the life they desire.  We know this because you tell us.  We listen to you and bring new things to the table to create the most helpful offerings we can. 

This is the same thing that you can do in your own life: keep creating new patterns and behaviors that replace the old ones you are letting go of.

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