The 7-Steps to Changing Anything in Your Life

by Jackie Wicks


7.    Embody the “Gratitude Attitude”

While this may sound rather cliché, it’s actually quite an important part of the process.  Very often we are intensely results driven in our lives.  This is a normal part of making a living and dealing with the daily concerns of life. 

That said, we are too often so busy getting from point A to point B (literally and figuratively) that we lose our ability to slow down and truly appreciate the mystery and wonder that is so much a part of life.  I recognize this may sound “corny”, but I am still going to challenge you to really consider what I am saying.  

I am talking about the kinds of things mystics and poets have written about for eons: the innocence of your child when she brings you a picture she has just colored in, a flower garden in spring, the sun setting- even things as simple as eating a meal with a friend.  

We are all guilty of losing sight of the beauty and wonder around us much of the time, and yet there is real value in being able to “get back to it”.  For me, the best way to “remember” these things is to be grateful, meaning to commit to find moments in my day to deeply appreciate my life; to be grateful for all that I have in spite of the normal ups and downs that come.  

I think this is such an important part of the process because it brings our attention back to what we do have, rather than endlessly focusing on what  don’t have yet.  Shifting out attention to this positive place of gratitude is a great (and in my opinion necessary) “balancer” to the intense and avid pursuit to make changes in our lives and achieve our goals. 

Gratitude reminds us that while it’s great to pursue our goals in life, having happiness and wholeness ultimately results from a choice that comes from within.


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