What Is The Alarm Bell Response? (New Research Reveals A Clue To Help You Fight CRAVINGS, Stay In Control)

by Jackie Wicks

Hi There-

I wanted to share a quick little something with you. Our friend Dr. Srini Pillay shared this with us. This summer, new research was published by a team in The Netherlands that changes the understanding of how people respond to “tempting” foods.

It was previously thought that when people came across a “tempting” food, this triggered an “indulgent response.” The Dutch team discovered, via magnetic resonance imaging, that among people who are “successful self regulators” there is an “alarm bell response” instead!

The researchers could actually SEE the parts of the brain associated with self-control activate. We are working with Dr. Pillay to get to the roots of this and help us all learn how we can all train our brains to trigger “alarm bell responses” rather than “indulgent responses.”

I thought this was really cool and wanted to share this. Imagine if we could all train our brains to set off alarm bells when we see the foods
that trip us up? How cool would that be!

For me, pizza is my go to tempting food. I’m going to work on my own “pizza alarm.” Got to find a good alarm sound first…

What is cool about this research is that they suspect there are some underlying neural processes related to successful self-control.

We are going to work with Dr. Pillay to find out exactly what they are- and how to get them in place for all of us!! I’m also super curious to
hear from those of you who have this kind of “alarm bell” in place.

How did that develop, and are there any tips you can share with the rest of us? Just hit reply to this email and tell me!!


PS: If You Are Relatively New To PEERtrainer, please read this and make every attempt to follow along. It is totally different from what you have tried before, but it works!!

For those of you who are fairly new to what we are doing, and who are used to what we call “old fashioned dieting” we see something different.

Everyone is a little different, but for the people newer to PEERtrainer and to our surveys, we see that frustation levels are generally pretty high, which is understandable.

What is super interesting, is that the same people who express high levels of frustration generally have an open mind, are willing to try new things, and don’t have a ton of objection to removing foods for a certain period of time.

At PEERtrainer we know that you know that there is never a magic bullet for anything, including the particular challege of weight.

We also know that you know that success is an accumulation of good habits. You also know that success is also defined simply by your willingness to try the new thing, despite the very clear presence of the unknown.

The PEERtrainer Fresh Start Cleanse, which we run in groups each month is one of those unknown things. The vast majority of people have never done a cleanse before, are at a high level of frustration, but are willing to try it for a 2 week period.

Some concerns people are as follows:

1. I’m concerned about the cost of the products.>> This is a pretty easy one. The shakes generally function as meal replacement, and are cost neutral for the average person.

If cost is a concern, just buy the program (we provide a coupon which gives you $50 off the program, allowing you to do it for $45).

Which is 100% refundable, so ZERO risk to you. Get a shake and fiber kit, and leg into it at your pace.

Again, no risk and you just email us and we offer you a refund.

DROPFAST50 is the coupon code, and is valid on any of the programs on this page: http://www.peertrainer.com/freshstart

2. I’m concerned about celebrations or outings that I have, will these throw me off track? >> This is another easy one- the shakes and the meals are pretty easy to pull off with a little planning. But remember that you just need to go for the B+ to make some good progress. You don’t need to be perfect, and a little cheating will help your brain with the temporary changes.

3. I’m concerned about removing diet drinks for 2 weeks. >> In general you want to see what you are capable of. So often there is this idea that one has to be totally pure to succeed.

What we see is that if people can stick to the shakes and the meals, the “cheats” won’t trip them up, as long as they stick to the big picture. We also see that small successes build. So try the program only option (use the SEPTEMBER60 code) and if you find you can’t do it, there is zero risk and we will offer a refund.

4. I worry about feeling like I am starving. >> This is a GREAT concern becase the shakes and meals fill you up, period. If you follow the directions, you are going to feel full.

5. I’m worried this is not doable. >> If you can stick to the plan and don’t get thrown off track by an unexpected event, you are going to do great. That said, there are people who don’t stick to the plan, and don’t have success. It is like anything in life. What is great is that once you buy the program once, you can do it for life and refresh as many times as you want.

We have people who are now finishing their second year doing this. And all these people had never done it before.

6. Sugar cravings would be super difficult for me. >> Yes, this is a biggie and sugar cravings are REAL. That said, we see that when people go a couple days on the plan, they get past their sugar cravings faster than they ever thought they could. Especially if they are going heavy heavy on the greens and veggies. If you read the testimonials are stories from our users, this is a common theme.

Sugar cravings are a BEAST to slay, and when you do this it is a HUGE accomplishment.

These are some common objections. Once people understand that they are not going to feel hungry, that the shakes are usually cost neutral, and the whole thing is easier than they thought, they jump off the fence.

The DROPFAST50 coupon code is designed to help you get off the fence if you are new. Learn more or sign up here:


For those of you who want to refresh for free, please join us again, and use the new SEPT10 coupon in the PEERtrainer Shop:


(A quick note– JJ’s Vanilla and Chocolate Shakes are out for 10 days. We have been warning about supply shortages- so the next time they are available we will do a quick stock up sale.- Thorne Vegalite is a great alternative for the time being)

At PEERtrainer we help make change easy. If you want a new result, you want it EASY, and everything we do helps train your brain that new success is not this big hard thing.

You just have to have a little faith in us and yourself!!


PS: Another super great shortcut to make big changes easy is to get your hands on the highest quality powdered greens product available. This is a premium product, but the feedback has been consistently excellent.

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