An Easy Way To Begin Strength Training

by Jackie Wicks

Videos of Short Workouts That Will Target Your Core, Legs, Glutes, Arms And Back

Jackie and I were having dinner at the bar of a restaurant recently, and the bartender was also a pilates instructor. Jackie has recently started going to a few Pilates classes and has become a huge Pilates fan. During the course of the conversation we asked her what she thought of resistance bands. “The are excellent, but you need to have someone show you how to use them properly.”

I have been trying to convince Jackie to use resistance bands. To me they are so obviously a great workout tool. Jackie was now open to the idea of learning more, so I texted my buddy Blake (who founded and runs Bodylastics) and set up a time for him to take Jackie through some very basic exercises. Which we did, and I got different parts of the session on camera. Jackie ended up loving the resistance band workouts, and admitted after that she was just humoring me when she agreed to do this.

There are three basic areas that Jackie wanted to target in this session, and they are broken out into three sections here. For people looking for a starting point to stregth training, this is an excellent first step. This page have two video that go over a simple exercise that will help most of your body from the chest down.

Key Concepts and Ideas:

-This helps shape up your legs, butt and core without building them up
-You want to be able to do 30 reps
-These are low impact squats. Generally squats are not thought of as being low impact
-This exercise engages your core because you have to balance.
-Very much in keeping with the “Slow Burn” philosophy that we have been exploring.

Legs, Glutes and Core:

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