Ask Brian!

by Jason Boehm, MS, CNS, MMC

Have you ever wondered about a diet, a nutrient, or a type of exercise? Do you have questions about whether a particular supplement is worth the money, or whether it’s only hype? How about whether something you read on the internet about fitness and nutrition is really true?

Ask Brian!

BrianI’m a Certified Sports Nutritionist finishing up my Master’s of Science in Nutrition. I’ve worked with PEERtrainer for two years answering the many nutrition and fitness-related questions members have. I’m also the editor of the PEERtrainer University blog and one of its primary writers. I’m thorough, and I believe science is the best tool we have to provide answers about our health and wellness. I also have a passion for relating complex answers as simply as possible–I want you to understand so you can make the most informed choice possible!

If you have any question related to nutrition or fitness, I want to answer it for you, and I want everyone to benefit from my answer.


– If you want to submit a question, please heed the following guidelines –

#1: NO diagnoses!

I’m not a medical doctor, and even if I were a doctor it would still be unethical for me to diagnosis illness over the internet, where I have no access to diagnostic tools or tests. Therefore, please don’t ask questions which require me to diagnose a condition–I won’t be able to!

#2: PLEASE try to keep questions nutrition and fitness-related!

My expertise really shines in these areas, but not so much in physics, plumbing, or animal husbandry.

#3: The more direct the question, the better!

Questions which are open-ended (like “What’s the best diet for cancer?”) can be very interesting, but also very time-consuming to answer because there are so many aspects to consider. Closed-ended questions (like “Does a ketogenic diet help fight cancer?”) require less time to answer and can be just as enlightening. For this reason, please try to keep your question direct and closed-ended–it will help the odds of it being answered!

#4: Only first names or pseudonyms will be used!

Your anonymity is important to me. If you write in with a question, please give either your first name or a chosen pseudonym. If you give your full name, only the first name will be used.

#5: Not all questions can or will be answered, but I will try my best!

I will strive to answer as many questions as possible, as quickly as possible, but please know that submitting a question does not guarantee a response. I am only one man, and I am limited in how much I can do!

#6: Be Patient!

Due to the large volume of questions I receive, it may take a few weeks to answer your question in one of the shows. I will try to answer questions within 6 weeks (I know, it’s a long time), with preference given to older questions I have not answered.

#7: Ask as many questions as you like, but please, only one question per submission!

There is no limit to how many questions you can throw at me, but for the sake of organization, it’s easier for me to sort which questions have been answered if there’s only one question per submission.


– To submit a question, please use the form below –

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