Bodylastics Review: Resistance Bands, Exercise Bands | Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Edition

by Jackie Wicks

If you are looking at Bodylastics resistance bands, we have made a video that shows you how they work. The Bodylastics system is the highest quality product on the market, and the video will show you why. We also have a detailed written review just below this video. 

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What is Bodylastics Home Gym System?

Bodylastics is a manufacturer of top of the line Stretch Band (also known as Resistance Bands and Exercise Bands) home workout equipment.  It was founded by elastics expert and fitness enthusiast Blake Kassel. 

If you’re uncertain what Resistance Bands are, then you can get a quick peek by visiting before you finish reading the review. 

Bodylastics has taken the concept of the Resistance Band Home Gym Workout to a new level.  Our fitness team tested it and loved it!  It may sound a little hard to believe but this simple system that weighs as little as 3 pounds (depending on which model you get- there are a total of 3; we’ll give you the breakdown shortly) and fits easily into your suitcase can go head to head with all the equipment at your local gym, as well as with both The Total Gym and The Bowflex Revolution.  Don’t get us wrong- we liked those systems too, but you’ll be amazed when you see how this small, affordable and portable package can hold it’s own compared to those more familiar brands. 

What are Resistance Bands (aka Exercise Bands)?

Resistance bands are simply flexible bands made from elastic materials that are used to strengthen muscles.  They are typically about 4 feet long and have varying gauges or “thickness” that will determine how much resistance it will provide. 

Typically, resistance band systems come with a handle system and the bands clip onto that handle system using either a plastic clip, or in the case of Bodylastics, a strong metal karabiner (a smaller, lighter version of what is used for rock climbing). 

The Bodylastics system then comes with a variety of attachments for affixing the system to a door jamb or other anchor so you can begin working a variety of muscles.  You don’t need the attachment, however, to do many of the exercises.  Most major muscles groups can be worked without any attachment mechanism whatsoever.

The Bodylastics system allows you to complete over 140 different exercises from the comfort of your home (or hotel room, or park, or wherever).

If you are still having trouble “getting the picture”, then once again, visit before reading the rest of our review so you’ll have the right image in your mind.

What does Terrell Owens know that you don’t?

One of the things that really impressed us about Bodylastics is that Terrell Ownens (“TO”), the Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver (who is known for his strength and conditioning, not to mention the best physique in the NFL) is a big advocate of the Bodylastics system. 

Actually, he’s more than a big advocate- he has partnered with Bodylastics to create the Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Edition.  We did a little research, and you can find the backstory on the Terrel Owens Bands website:

In short, Terrell injured his hamstring in a game and it was recommended that he use resistance bands to rehabilitate himself.  He did and his hamstring recovered quickly. Once he got back into action, however, he realized that his moves were even more powerful and explosive.

He had gone back to weight lifting shortly after his recovery, and soon realized that he actually lost the explosiveness and power he had gained from the bands! 

He immediately went back to training full time using Resistance Bands and has not looked back since.  That evolved into a partnership with Bodylastics, and the Terrel Owens Super Strong Man Edition was born.  Bodylastics developer Blake Kassel tells the full story of how the partnership came about on the same website as well (

Are Resistance Bands Truly Effective?

The answer, in a word, is “Yes.”  You will probably be surprised how truly effective the Exercise Bands are. 

The Bodylastics Exercise Bands may not look like they can give you a workout like free weights, but you will be pleasantly surprised.  Our fitness editorial team took the Bodylastics to the test, and we were very impressed.  Here is what one member of our fitness team- who has used a different brand of resistance tubes in the past- had to say:

“I have an old set of bands at home that I have had for several years.  I don’t remember the brand, and I think I picked them up at Sports Authority several years ago.  I think they’re made from a slightly differently material than Bodylastics because they’re not as smooth. 

Anyhow, I always take them with me when I’m traveling because they are so compact.  I’ve enjoyed them and was always glad I had them, but never felt like I got a real “replacement workout” when I used them…meaning they never duplicated the way I felt coming out of the gym after a workout.

That is where Bodylastics most impressed me.  It really is a complete system, and if you follow the basic guidelines they suggest in the manual or DVD, you’re going to get a serious workout at home in your living room.  I had never considered the idea of really gaining muscle with bands- again, I always thought there were a ‘nice maintenance type workout’.  But Bodylastics is really making me rethink that.”

How does Bodylastics compare to Free Weights?

This is the scientific explanation of the difference:

Many individuals using elastic resistance report that they can feel a difference, such as a stronger burn in the muscles and greater muscle fatigue, as compared to when they use free weights. This is due to the linear variable resistance that the elastic resistance equipment offers. This allows a greater number of muscle fibers to be used and taxed throughout the range of motion. Anecdotal evidence aside, research studies also confirm this difference. One study performed at Truman State University (Kirksville, MO) found that athletes who included elastic resistance bench press training in their regimens had a significantly greater increase in bench press strength and power as compared to those who only utilized free-weight resistance training.”.

Here is another interesting tidbit that we found on the Bodylastics site:

“In 2002 we had a booth at the Arnold Classic in Ohio. This is one of the most famous Bodybuilding shows and also hosts the largest fitness Expo. Not knowing what to expect we brought 450 sets of Bodylastics for sale.

At the last minute I came up with an idea to get people to try it. We challenged guys walking by, some huge some average size to curl all four elastics (the max resistance at that time) 30 times. Well, that definitely drew ’em in!

Out of about 1000 only about 30 could do it and let me tell you something, everyone was raving about the product. People were so blown away by the product that we sold out in 1.5 days!! These guys could not believe how well Bodylastics worked their muscles. You won’t believe it either!”

Don’t Live In A Gym, Just Look Like You Do

This is actually the Bodylastics tag line, and we included it here because a) it’s funny, and b) it sums up how most of us at PEERtrainer feel about fitness.  We love to work out and be fit, but we’re not the kind of people that have time to spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym.  There’s nothing wrong with that if you enjoy that lifestyle, it’s just that most of our fitness editorial team doesn’t roll that way. 

That’s another reason why we are really enjoying Bodylastics.  It can easily be used at home, or, as we’re conveniently and pleasantly finding, at the office as well : )

Can Resistance Bands actually build muscle or are they just for strength training?

This is probably where we have been most surprised with Bodylastics.  We honestly anticipated that it was going to be more of a strength building tool (like Total Gym or Bowflex), but it turns out that is not the case. 

Check out the article we mentioned above that compares elastic bands to free weights. Here it is again:

As we stated before, this is the brand Terrell Owens, perhaps the best conditioned guy in the NFL, chose to work with to develop a proprietary line.  More info on that here:

What are the different Bodylastics models?  How much do they cost?

One of the greatest benefits of the Bodylastics system is that they are EXTREMELY cost effective.  It’s actually almost hard to believe, actually, that you can get a home gym system that does what Bodylastics does for the price.  Here is the breakdown. 

There are 3 different Bodylastics models to choose from:

Option #1: The Basic Tension Fitness Tubes System

Package includes:

1 Yellow elastic (5 lbs.)

1 Green elastic (7 lbs.)

1 Red elastic (13 lbs.)

1 Blue elastic (19 lbs)

2 Foam Covered Handles

2 Ankle straps

1 Door anchor

1 Bodylastics User book

1 Travel Bag

1 Year access of to Strength Band Online University (SBU- the Bodylastics online learning program)

**Circuit training DVD Optional

Cost:  $45.95 with manual ($49.95 with manual and DVD)

Option #2 Max Tension Fitness Tubes System


1 Yellow elastic (5 lbs.)

1 Green elastic (7 lbs.)

1 Red elastic (13 lbs.)

1 Blue elastic (19 lbs)

1 Black elastic (23 lbs)

2 Foam Covered Handles

2 Ankle straps

1 Door anchor

1 Bodylastics User book

1 Travel Bag

1 Year access to online university

1 Year access of to Strength Band Online University (SBU- the Bodylastics online learning program)

Cost:  $55.95 with manual ($59.95 with manual and DVD)

Option #3 Terrell Owens Super Strong Man Edition


1 Yellow elastic (5 lbs.)

1 Green elastic (7 lbs.)

1 Red elastic (13 lbs.)

1 Blue elastic (19 lbs)

1 Black elastic (23 lbs)

2 Orange Elastic (30 lbs. ea.)

4 Foam Covered Handles

4 Ankle straps

1 Door anchor

1 Bodylastics User book

1 Terrell Owens user manual

1 Circuit training DVD

1 Travel Bag

Lifetime access of to Strength Band Online University (SBU- the Bodylastics online learning program)

Cost: $99.81

Which model should I buy?

The bottom line is that if you are a guy and want to build some muscle, you will want to get the T.O. package because it includes the two orange 30 pound bands. One of the orange bands gives you a nice and smooth bicep curl that ends up working your entire upper body including your shoulders. You will feel it a day later.

If you are a woman, the cheaper options will be fine for you.

The truth is, because the pricing of all the systems is so reasonable, it’s hard for us not to suggest you just go right for the Terrell Owens edition.  If this was a multi-thousand dollar system, we’d exercise a lot more caution in telling you to spend the extra money.  But when the top of the line model is under $100 and delivers what it does, we frankly suggest you buy it so you can grow into it or let your high school football playing son share it with you. 

With the bonuses (the DVD, the TO diet/exercise plan, lifetime SBU membership) you really are getting a lot for the money.  In our humble opinion, it’s kind of a no-brainer.

What are the advantages of using Resistance Bands?

Ø  Use it pretty much anywhere: indoors, outdoors, at the park, in a hotel- pretty much wherever.

Ø  Easy to travel with.  At about 3 pounds, even with airlines charging for luggage these days you should have plenty of room to squeeze it in.  Also, you don’t have to take every component with you if you need to make it more compact.

Ø  Affordable.  We love our Total Gym and we’ve used Bowflex too, but there isn’t a great deal of comparison to be made here.  The top of the line unit is less that $100.00.

Ø  Easy on the joints.  This is a big reason TO and other pro-athletes (not to mention military and SWAT teams) are using Bodylastics.  It provides great (and portable) resistance training with minimal impact on joints compared to other workout methods.  It’s very easy on you ligaments and tendons.

What are the disadvantages of using Resistance Bands?

Ø  You may never want to leave the house.  Seriously, though, that’s the best we could come up with.  There are no discernible disadvantages that we could think of.  If you come up with any, please let us know.

The Bottom Line On Bodylastics

This is a very well made product. Blake Kassel, the founder of the company, sent several members of the PEERtrainer team the T.O Bands version of the product. We found them easy to set up and versatile. (and the kids had a blast playing with them. If you want to occupy young children for hours, let them play with this kit. Seriously!)

We were quickly able to figure out how to do many exercises and found that they give a broader workout– meaning that a doing curls for example on Bodylastics works out your entire upper arms and shoulders vs doing curls with dumbells. You just feel it- especially a couple days later.

There is actually an explanation of this phenomenon:

during the biceps curl (with free weight), the muscle is not receiving adequate resistance when the muscle is in its strongest point in the range of motion. When performing a curl with elastic tubing, however, the resistance increases as the range of motion increases. This means the muscle is receiving greater resistance at its strongest point in the range of motion and therefore is receiving more adequate resistance to better stimulate strength adaptations.

How To Buy:

If you want the regular version go to the first URL, if you want the version we tested, go the second URL. You will want to have these in your home gym.

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