Cheat System Diet Challenge Day 7

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

Hi There-

One of the most important parts of the plan are the incentives that we put in. Do not ignore these, they are there for a reason.

For example, in week one (Chapter 5) you learned that you can earn an extra cheat for the week by following our exercise plan. We promote that hard because it works. Getting your cortisol down is one of the key drivers to better hormonal balance.

Another incentive we have built into the system is you earn a cheat for eating a 1/2 pound of greens after 5pm. There is a logic to this. Most people have “the wheels come off” after 5pm.

So by filling yourself up during this time with super healthy greens is great overall, but also helps to blunt the damage of any night eating, emotional eating or binge eating.

Which happens to pretty much all of us, no?

Also make sure to take the other incentives very seriously- the suggestion about programming your phone with certain messages- this works wonders. I have programmed my friend Erin’s advice into my phone, and it has helped me so much. Simply reminding yourself that “I am awesome” or “this is the year” gets your brain in a very good state, and helps to gently rework the grooves in your mind that might suggest otherwise.

A final note today about the incentive system- not everyone is a shake person, but this is a habit that equals SUCCESS.

If you are a shake person, follow our recipe. Period. The exact ingredients become a lifeline for so many, especially at breakfast time.

This Chocolate Shake Recipe contains all the ingredients for success. Work different flavors, and find what is right for you, but do NOT adjust the ingredient types.






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