Cheat System Diet Challenge Day 1

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

Hi There-

I have been blown away by the feedback so far. I really did not expect people to respond as well as they have to the pain and exercise part of the plan.

But I am very happy you are all paying attention, because it is a difference maker.

From what I am seeing, many people have simply not been told that it is ok to not be in pain and guilt over exercise.

Keep the feedback coming- it is EXTREMELY helpful to us.

In this first day we are going to go back to basics. I want you to think about a goal for the next 3 weeks.

This can be ANY goal, related to ANY aspect of the plan.

Take a breath, and think about something that you personally want.

Not what you think other people might want- what YOU want.

And I want you to program that goal into your phone, for the next 3 or 4 weeks, to go off about 30 minutes after you normally wake up.

You can write the goal down if you are not a phone person. Personally I have 4 goals on my phone that go off at different times during the day.

One of my goals has been “this is the year.” My friend Erin would tell me this during the hard part of the book writing process.

During those moments of self doubt, I would remind myself that “this is the year.”

And now that the feedback about the book is coming in, I see what Erin was talking about.

This year, I’m going to be YOUR Erin, the person who is here to remind you that “this is the year” and that whatever objective you have set for yourself- it awaits you.

The plan is here. You have read the book, and now I am going to teach you how to harness the plan to feel better and change anything you want.

You may have already understood that this is so much more than a diet and fitness book. This book is here to reprogram your belief system.

When you begin to have unshakeable physical confidence and well being- this radiates….to every single aspect of your life.

So today- very simple ask…. meditate on this email. And think about your goal or goals.

Use technology to bring daily focus to them.


PS: Please ask questions. Ask them here in the Challenge Team

Hit reply to this email and ask me directly.

This conversation that we are starting will help to make SURE that you get to the place you want to do, and that you DESERVE to go.

Do not for a second believe that you are not worthy.

You are, even if you have been programmed to think otherwise.



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