Cheat System Diet Challenge Day 4 (How To Prevent Brain Chaos)

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

Hi There-

The responses to the Day 3 Challenge were really amazing.

My own takeaway is that you guys “really want to change.”

People dug into the Success Index which is a tool that we put a lot of thought, effort and money into developing.

When you get into the 80’s on that Index you are REALLY in a place where there is no going back. We call that the Point
of No Return. The place where life may and will happen, but where there is no more beach ball bouncing back up, no
more yo yo that you see with old fashioned diets.
However, in order to get to this place, you have to pace yourself.
When you do too many things at once you create what Dr. Srini Pillay calls “brain chaos.”  We discuss this in depth in Chapter 1 of the book. This chapter helps to teach you why the Cheat System Diet will succeed where other plans have
If you skimmed or skipped Chapter 1, read it now, please.

What Is Brain Chaos?

Brain chaos is when there are so many signals and circuits lighting up in the brain that it can’t make a decision. When the brain is experiencing chaos, we either do NOTHING about the situation or stress out trying to do EVERYTHING.
When we create brain chaos in the context of dieting- this almost always results in quitting and giving up.
Last year Habib was speaking to a group of people at a conference, explaining to people in our industry what we were up to with The Cheat System Diet.

He was explaining that CSD was designed to be a bridge between the conventional world of weight loss and the really advanced stuff that we personally know works, but that people have a hard time incorporating.

Habib told the group that this system was designed to go to where people were, and find the next step they were willing
to take. And then go from there, step by step, in a way where there was no such thing as failure.
After Habib spoke, someone responded and said something to the effect of “I teach brain science at Harvard Medical School
and what Habib just described is really the only way a diet of this kind can work. This diet works the same way the
brain likes to work.”
That person was Srini Pillay, and they became friends immediately.
Srini taught us that your brain is a excellent deal maker- that when you ask it to do things that are easy for it to handle, you
avoid brain chaos. The Cheat System Diet does this- it presents a set of rules that your brain can deal with, and doesn’t ask you
to do everything all at once.
You become a lot more successful immediately.
Srini’s wife Uma is also a professor, and happens to be an amazing cook. On pages 208 and 209 we have 2 dressings
that she created for The Cheat System Diet.
So as a challenge to today, I want you to really read or re-read Chapter 1. It explains why you really ARE going to
succeed here.
You are going to feel success, you are going to feel more hope, you are going to feel more in control, and all of that conflict
and bad feeling you feel inside you is going to pushed out of you.
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