Cheat System Diet Challenge Day 6 (Why Pain Equals Gain)

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

Hi There-

Welcome to Day 6 of the Cheat System Diet Challenge. The #1 tip today is to ensure that you treat Chapter 3 as one of the most important parts of this plan.

Most traditional diets focus on the food plan and treat exercise as an afterthought.

The fitness and exercise chapter in The Cheat System Diet presents some critical ideas on how to get out of pain, avoid pain, and exercise in a way that helps you burn more fat.

When you pay close attention, you’ll start to bring the levels of stress and pain down in your body. You’ll also start to feel better and lose weight more easily.

Why Is This Different From ANY Exercise Plan You Have Ever Been On?

The Cheat System Diet exercise and fitness plan is really the polar OPPOSITE of what most of us have been taught. We have been taught that pain is normal, and have been conditioned in a “No Pain, No Gain” culture.

What we have learned from some of the top athletes in the world is that when you avoid pain, when you slow down, when you get your body in alignment, and when you find exercise you truly love you have a doable fitness plan for you.

You start to burn more fat, you prevent injury and you have a lot more energy.

As your challenge today, I want you to read or re-read Chapter 6. There is a lot in here, and these ideas take time to really integrate and learn.

The response to Chapter 3 has been powerful so far, because we really give people permission to go in a whole new direction. The guilt and internal pressure of “no pain no gain” really lifts. You will feel better, and your cortisol levels will begin to come into better balance.




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