The Cheat System Diet: Reviews From PEERtrainer Members!

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

Hi There-

We have started a survey to collect feedback from our community members about The Cheat System Diet. We asked how they liked the book so far and also how long they have been a part of PEERtrainer.  Here is a sample:

1. Just got the book, love it so far. I’ve read several other books – problem with them is I don’t really want to be a ‘diet expert’ I just want to know what to do! A little why, but not the entire scientific explanation that at the end I’m thinking – so what do I do with that? How does that apply – love that you have figured that out for us!

2. I love the book. I have just started reading it but already feel that this is a lifestyle change that I am going to be able to make and stick with. The recipes seem easy to understand and everything that I have tried so far tastes delicious- not like diet food, and it is also filling!! I am a new member to peertrainer.

3. I am loving the book! Im fascinated by the alignment exercises and have implemented it into my routine hoping to bring relief to painful shoulders that cause numbness in my hands when I over do. Im also fascinated by Dr. Sarnos beliefs on the mind-body and am doing EFT on personal issues and have started writing in my journal about feelings once again. I have been with PEERtrainer for a month now and am enjoying all the help I can get. Thank you

4. I just joined PEERtrainer almost 2 weeks ago. I love the book and have to digest it slowly. I have to keep pausing so I can reflect on how it relates to me. I’m digging up stuff that I’ve been dieing to get out and face for years. Its affecting my thinking patterns throughout the day. Its not something I want to read through quickly. Its a lifechanger!

5. I just got the book 2 days ago and am thrilled to have it in my hands. I’m telling everyone I know to order it so they too can have it. I believe I joined Peertrainer early on, within the first year or two of inception. It’s been such a part of my life, for so long that I can’t remember when I first joined. I believe that the skills I have developed through peer trainer have empowered me to make very big changes in my life. For that I’ve very grateful. THANK YOU PEERTRAINER!!!!!!!!

6.  I have only read a little in the book, however what I’ve read is freeing, it’s not about being perfect, but moving in a direction to where I can embrace a healthier lifestyle. It is a relief and in my mind I’m thinking “I can do this!” I really like the book.

7.  I’ve just ordered the book from Amazon. It should arrive early next week. My father has been a member of the PEERtrainer community for years and recommended it highly. I’ve just registered, so this is my first experience.

8.  I love the book. Haven’t quite finished it, but I’m getting there. Can’t wait to get started this week. I’ve been a totally inactive member for quite a while–was really trying some other things, low carb in particular, but though I believe in the eating program, I just can’t stay on it forever…I always fall off. That’s why I am so drawn to this program. Thanks!!

9.  I loved the book! It is so different from ALL the diets books I’ve read. Congratulations! I contacted the PEERtrainer community through Kindle, when I learned about your book. Today, Friday, I am starting with my Eats and Cheats. I have to loose almost 30 pounds. I will let you know how I am doing. Until then, thanks again for giving me hope. Marcela

10.  Jackie, I am so thankful that you wrote the Cheat Diet book. I have been a member since December 2005, and although PEERtrainer has become my number one go-to place for healthy information, guidance, encouragement, shakes and supplements, I do not relate to interacting on the computer. No matter my repeated commitments to do so, it is tough for me to go online everyday. I recently created a daytimer-type folder that I enjoy using to track food, exercise and journal, and now I have your book which provides me easy access to the Cheat Diet details and your GREAT perspective which helps me tremendously. I have yet to read through the whole book but I love what you say about exercise. I immediately felt relief from the excessive stress I feel about exercise, and I now feel this knowing inside that I am going to be able to do it – easily, gently, yet powerfully. I attribute many of my successes to the your dedicated work. Thank you! Mary B

11. I LOVE the book so far. I have been dieting forever and this is the first thing that makes sense. It balances really healthy eating with self love. I have been a member of PEERtrainer for a while – but haven’t been active in the group. Am looking forward to jumping in with this challenge.

12.  I love the book. In particular, I love how sustainable I can see this plan being for me for the long term. I have already learned a lot of valuable info about my personal food intolerances/weaknesses through JJ Virgin and Dr. Sara Gottfried, but my “mom” lifestyle seems more similar to Jackie: sometimes the only option really is pizza! And my body really can handle that for the one meal, but I have always struggled with the all or nothing mentality that sends me to the birthday cake and party favors that same night and day after. That is not so easy on my body!!! So thank you, Jackie, for helping me on my way to what I hope is lifelong health. I need self forgiveness maybe a bit more than big sets of rules.

13.  Just starting book but it seems like you are describing me in the introduction! Been in Peertrainer for almost three years July 2011.

14.  I just finished reading through the book once & I know a book is good when I’ve highlighted almost all of the book lol I plan on spending Mother’s Day re-reading it & making notes & creating my own personal cheat sheets based on the books information. As soon as I read the book (last week) for the first time I joined the PT community. Thank you so much for this great book!!

15.  The book is wonderful and explains a lot. Member of PEERtrainer community about a month.

16. I’m new to the Peertrainer community – about one month, and haven’t yet gotten really involved. I received the book this week and am about halfway through it. I think it’s great – I’m excited to see something that will finally allow me to eat a healthy diet and live my life at the same time. I love being a part of a group challenge and am really excited for the 21 day group to start.

17. I am loving the book; it makes so much sense to me. What I love is that I know all the information about nutrition, and I always have, but this actually gives me a concrete plan to put it into good use. Having emotional eating issues since high school (it’s either eating disorder or extra weight- no in between), I need to have that element addressed for me, and it has been now! It’s a start!! I have just joined the PEERtrainer community this week.

18.  I LOVE the book! There is just something about having a book to page through and go back to that I like much better than reading on the web! I love you e-mail and being able to post in groups, but the book for recipes and all the other information it contains is my way to learn.  Thanks for all you have done and continue to do. I am so thankful I found you. I have removed my self from all the other “health/ diet” groups and am cancelling my weightwatchers online account which I paid for and rarely could manage to do. It was too much work when the foods you ate weren’t listed and most things you can scan the lable for was food we shouldn’t be eating. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for making this something doable. I am looking forward to incorporation your entire program into my life….

19. I love the book and I am so happy that this great content has been put together in a format that will more readily reach the masses. I have been a member of peer trainer for about 5 years. I’d like to mention that over these 5 years I have really struggled with work/life balance which has resulted in my own inability to stay on track with my health. That said, the knowledge that I’ve acquired from peer trainer has always been ‘there’ in the back of my mind. The good news is, I am now ready to do what it takes to get my work/life balance and health in order and I don’t feel like I’m starting at ground zero. Rather, I am ready to apply what I’ve learned. Thanks for all that you are doing. It is not only very helpful, but important.

20. I love how self-honoring the book is. And especially love the magic fridge. This is gold! Always looking for grab-and-go good-for-me foods!! The psychology behind the book is well founded. As for the PEERtrainer community, I just joined.

21.  I became a part of the community when I ordered the book, about 2 weeks ago. I received the book and have just begun reading. Can’t believe that you identify all my issues right up front. When did you visit my home? It is easy to read and if I didn’t have to work, I would have read until I reached the last page without stopping. But what I have read makes me feel optimistic that this is something I can do. I am looking forward to what I CAN do. Thank you.


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