12 Stretches To Get Rid Of Back, Hip and Knee Pain (Introduction to the Egoscue Method)

by Jackie Wicks
Yoga Split

11. Static Back Pull-Overs: Helps Promote Proper Posture and Movement 

Static Back Pull-overs

Three sets of ten repetitions each.

Lie on your back with your legs up over a block or a chair so that your legs are bent at a right angle. Relax your legs, lower back and stomach.

Reach your arms straight above your chest, elbows locked, and hands clasped together.

Lower your hands down to the floor above your head. Do not contract your abdominal muscles; keep your stomach and lower back relaxed. Do not let your arms bend at the elbow. If you are not able to lower your hands all the way to the floor behind you, go only as low as you are able to with straight arms. Do ten reps in each set. 

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