12 Stretches To Get Rid Of Back, Hip and Knee Pain (Introduction to the Egoscue Method)

by Jackie Wicks
Yoga Split

2. Standing Elbow Curls: Helps Move Shoulder Joints Back Into Neutral Position

Standing Elbow Circles Exercise

One set of 25 repetitions

Stand at a wall with your heels, hips, upper back, and head against the wall. Your feet should be pointed straight and hip-width apart.

Place your knuckles against your temples with your thumbs pointing down toward your shoulders (your fingertips should be touching your palm like they were on the last exercise).

Open and pull back your elbows so that they are against the wall, then close your elbows together in front of your face (Be sure that your elbows stay at shoulder level—don’t let them drop down!)

Repeat for twenty-five reps. This helps to remind the shoulders that they are hinges, and helps to both loosen and strengthen the upper body. 

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