12 Stretches To Get Rid Of Back, Hip and Knee Pain (Introduction to the Egoscue Method)

by Jackie Wicks
Yoga Split

3. Airbench: Helps To Bring Hips, Knees and Ankles Into Alignment

Hold this stretch for two minutes.

Hold this stretch for two minutes.

Stand with your back against a wall with feet and knees hip-width apart and feet pointed straight.

Walk your feet away from the wall while sliding your body down at the same time. You will be “seated” in an invisible chair; your knees should be bent at about 105 degrees (a little wider than a right angle). Your hips should be just slightly higher than your knees and your ankles slightly ahead of your knees. Your lower back should be completely against the wall, your arms can hang down or be placed gently in your lap.

Keep your weight on your heels.

Be sure to do this exercise in athletic shoes or on a yoga mat. Don’t try it in socks or bare feet—you might slip! If you find this is hard to do, just try for a few seconds and build up. The idea here is that you engage your lower body during a short period of FORCED alignment. All these
exercises are designed to help train your body to return to its original state.

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