12 Stretches To Get Rid Of Back, Hip and Knee Pain (Introduction to the Egoscue Method)

by Jackie Wicks
Yoga Split

Cats and Dogs: Helps To Exercise and Coordinate Hips, Shoulders, Spine and Neck

One set of ten repetitions.

Start on your hands and knees. Be sure that your hips are directly above your knees, and that your shoulders are directly above your hands. Your fingers should be pointed forward.

Move into cat by pulling your hips under, pulling your head under and pushing your upper back to the ceiling to round your back. Exhale.

Then move into dog, by rolling your hips forward, putting an arch in your back and collapsing your shoulder blades together. Look up. Inhale.

Move from cat to dog ten times for the full set. Do this as SMOOTHLY as you can. It should feel GREAT. 

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