“I deserve to feel better than I feel right now”

by Jackie Wicks
I was sent this response to yesterday's message from a
longtime member/peertrainer friend. I need to share it
with you:

I don't know what your beliefs are, but I truly think God worked through
you today to reach me.  I have been abusing myself, actually on a
conscious level, since August 17th.  I was doing really well before then. 
I was 6 pounds away from my goal, getting lots of exercise, and eating
well without depriving myself.  Then the pressure (of life, specifics deleted) got
to me.  I made a choice to give up.  I did this with the thought that I
would be working on my relationships and I couldn't do that while I was
working so hard to be healthy--something had to give.

Well, it is nearly 2 months later and almost 10 pounds gained and a great
decline in my exercise routine and I received your email this morning.  I
have been thinking about it all day.  I am abusing myself.  My number
would have to be a solid 8.

I am not waiting, I am starting the cleanse on Sunday.  I have the Thorne
vanilla protein powder and the supplements that go with the cleanse.  I
will have to replenish my supply before the 2 weeks ends, but I am taking
back my health.  Tomorrow I will go to the store and get my food in order.
 This will be after I go to my yoga class.

I deserve to feel better than I feel right now.  I have made great strides
in my (life, specifics deleted), but I HAVE to find a way to
manage my health and my relationships at the same time.  Most of all, you
put a label on what I am doing that I can relate with.  I have never been
physically abused, but I know what it is and I am truly abusing myself
with this unhealthy behavior.

I read most all of the emails you send, but this was by far the most
powerful reality check I could have been given.  It isn't fun, it isn't
pretty, it isn't going to be easy, but it is necessary.

Thank you!
(Name witheld)

This email made my week. Here is what I wrote yesterday
to prompt that incredible message:

I have a question for you. And be honest with yourself, 
only you will see the result.

How long have you been abusing your body? 

What do I mean by abuse? In this context, defined as sugar, 
beer, pasta etc. Not in moderation. Really piling on the 
bad habits. 

Include your activity level to this self-assessment.

Have you been sitting on the sofa? Do you take the elevator
instead of the stairs or sit at a computer all day? 

None of this is a judgment. I just want you to take an accurate 
assessment of how bad of shape you think you're in. 

Because on a level of 1 to 10, if you answer a 6 (and there is
no scientific number, this is a total self assessment), it's going
 to take a "6" to get you back to equilibrium. 

The place where your body runs efficiently, and can take a late
night pizza, brownie beating. Because when you're at equlibrium,
 it takes very little time for your body to bounce back. 

But if you've been doing this for 6 months, 2 years, 10 years? 

The more time it is, the more time you have compounded abuse 
interest working against you. And the more drastic measures 
you need to take to get back in the road.  When I've been in a 
bad way for a month, I'll do the detox nutrients, shakes, and I'll 
work the cheat system. 

I'll have eats and really load up on the nutrients, and cut down on
cheats like 
chocolate, cheese and I can get back on track. 

But if I've been in a bad way for 6 months (and yes, this can still 
happen to me when I'm in stress overload!) I'll go all in. 

Cleanse, option 3 with the whole thing: digestive enzymes at every 
meal, berber caps to get rid of any damage sushi might do, probiotics - 
the exact regimen JJ put together with me for the Fresh Start Cleanse.  

So where are you on the scale? 

If you're above a 5 (with 10 being the worst), get option 3. If you're below
a 5, start with option 2. And if you're ar a 1 or 2, download the Cheat System 
and start to load up on your eats! Nutrient load. 

I have been thinking about this question for a couple weeks now. What are
the times that you need to bring in the big guns, and go full cleanse

I don't like my own answer.. but it is reality. The book I just wrote took a
toll on me. More than I realized, and now I am just doing what needs to
be done. And I welcome you to join me!


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