How Detoxification Works, How the Right Supplements Can Help

by Jackie Wicks

The brand of detoxification supplement that PEERtrainer is using for the Cleanse is simply called “Detox Nutrients Packet” from Thorne Research.

They are designed to aid your body in the natural process of Phase I and Phase II detoxification. Our body is equipped to deal with foreign compounds and toxins, known as xenobiotics, but the incredible influx of toxins in the modern world has overrun many of our capabilities to properly detoxify the body. The result is toxic overload, and a gradual (or speedy!) decline of health.

Our body wants to be healthy, but sometimes it needs a little help to get its detox pathways flowing smoothly again. Toxins have depleted supplies of essential compounds without which our body cannot detox. The Daily Nutrient Packs help fix this.

A Very Brief Explanation of Detoxification: Science Class

Detoxification happens through two important phases. In the first phase, non-polar toxins are converted to polar substances, mostly through the incorporation of oxygen. The best analogy for a non-polar substance is that it is something like a non-magnetic object–it doesn’t stick to anything.

Fat is a non-polar substance, and many toxins are non-polar as well. Most pertinent to detoxification, non-polar substances are not soluble in water because water is a polar substance. This is why fat and water don’t mix, and it also applies to many toxins in the body.

Our body needs a way to take these toxic, non-water-soluble substances and make them water-soluble, because all the pathways out of the body involve water. So, phase I enzymes take the toxins and use oxygen to add a reactive, polar group.

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