How Detoxification Works, How the Right Supplements Can Help

by Jackie Wicks

The Short Explanation For Why The Detox Nutrient Packs Are So Important

The Detox Nutrient Packs are a triple-whammy of detoxification boosting botanicals, minerals, and amino acids. Every single ingredient in all three of them has a proven record, confirmed through study and science, towards aiding the body in detoxification.

One of the key ways many of the ingredients do this is through increasing glutathione levels, and protecting it against depletion. Glutathione is one of the most important compounds in phase II detoxification, and without sufficient levels of it there is simply no way to effectively detoxify. Glutathione is constantly being depleted due to the high level of toxic burden placed upon us by our food and environment. Glutathione cannot be taken directly, so we must find ways to increase its synthesis in our body–something all three supplements in the Detox Nutrient Packs effectively do!

A lot of emphasis is placed upon increasing phase II detoxification. This is because phase I detoxification without phase II is actually more damaging than not detoxifying at all! All of the supplements in the Detox Nutrient Packs increase phase I and phase II detoxification to ensure your body does not only release the toxins, but excretes them as well.

For a more in-depth look at all of the supplements, read on below. What their key ingredients do is explained and backed by research. Many of them have incredibly powerful effects, much more than you could expect to get from your diet alone!

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