The 3 Molecules That FORCE Your Muscles To Gobble Up Fat, Slow Aging and Cool Inflammation

by Jackie Wicks

You know that “burn” you get in your muscles when you exercise?

Up until recently, it was THOUGHT this burn was just your muscle dumping waste products.

But recent research shows these “waste products” are actually potent metabolic signaling molecules called myokines.

Myokines force your fat cells to release stored fat.  And your muscle cells to BURN that fat.

Even better… they trigger a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory response that fights the dangerous inflammation pummeling your body from poor nutrition, lack of sleep, excess toxins and too much stress.

And that’s important because inflammation damages your brain, weakens your heart, skyrockets your blood sugar and causes pain in your joints.

These myokines are now thought to be the reason why exercise has shown to be THE most powerful anti-aging tool EVER tested — better than any fruit, vegetable or anti-aging supplement.

But the problem is most people don’t get to enjoy the anti-aging benefits of these metabolic molecules.

WHY is that?

Because they either exercise too MUCH, don’t do it right or not at all.

Fortunately, there’s now a simple combination of easy moves that allows ANYBODY to harness these molecules to burn fat, shape muscle and turn back the clock.

I’ll show you a demonstration of this technique in a second, but first let’s take a look at the 3 most potent molecules that help you fight aging, burn fat and shape muscle…

Muscle Molecule #1 – The Age Extender…

First up is a molecule that researchers now believe may be the long sought after reason why exercise has such a powerful anti-aging effect — IL-6.

In a bizarre twist, IL-6 is typically thought of as VERY inflammatory.

But when it’s released by muscles during exercise, it becomes a very potent ANTI-inflammatory.

That’s important because it helps protect your telomeres from being shortened.

Telomeres are strands of DNA that determine how long you live.  You want to keep them as healthy and as long as possible.

Interestingly, IL-6 is ALSO a powerful fat burner.

It acts like an energy sensor, commanding fat cells to release stored fat and muscle cells to gobble up that fat and burn it for energy.

Muscle Molecule #2 – The Belly Fat Burner…

This molecule can REALLY help us get rid of something we ALL hate:  stubborn fat.

    When done correctly, exercise releases a flood of the muscle molecule IL-8.

IL-8 is like an army sergeant, commanding other muscles to whip themselves into shape by building more blood vessels, improving blood flow and delivering more oxygen and nutrients where needed.

And that’s critically important for zapping that stubborn fat that hangs on your belly, hips, waist and butt.  Why?

Because those “trouble spots” have poor blood flow, preventing your primary fat burning hormones from reaching those spots to work their fat burning magic.

Muscle Molecule #3 – Shapes Muscle AND Burns Fat…

Last but not least is the “holy grail” of muscle molecules.

IL-15 signals to BOTH burn fat AND shape muscle at the same time — something notoriously difficult for ANY workout to do.

Typical cardio workouts do burn fat, but they also burn muscle (ironically destroying your ability to burn fat!)

But the right combination of movements can flood your body with DOUBLE the amount of this highly potent anti-inflammatory molecule.

IL-15 explains how bodybuilders are able to develop extremely lean and muscular physiques while doing resistance training with almost NO cardio.

How to Flood Your Body with These Powerful Anti-Aging Molecules

Until recently, the benefits of these molecules were off-limits to most people.

You had to go to the gym and lift REALLY heavy weights to the point of exhaustion to properly harness the amazing anti-inflammatory, fat-burning, muscle-shaping powers of these muscle molecules.

That’s a show-stopper if you don’t like the gym, hate lifting weights or have joint pain or an injury.

And let’s face it – there’s no fun in dragging yourself to the gym every day.

But there’s a new simple technique that ANYBODY can do that floods your body with a tidal wave of these anti-aging molecules.

It doesn’t involve any weights, can be done anywhere and is a godsend for those who aren’t in the best shape, have joint pain or an injury.

You can learn how to precisely how to do this on this next page here.

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I hope you enjoy!

Jade Teta, PhD

PS – Remember, exercise is the #1 anti-aging therapy EVER tested.  It helps to reduce risk of dying from ANY cause.  It’s particularly protective against diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you are too old, too out of shape or don’t have enough time to take advantage of the powerful anti-aging benefits of these exercise molecules.  Just watch this short demonstration video to see how easy it is to get started today.

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