Free Weight Loss Program

by Jackie Wicks

There are 3 main parts to PEERtrainer’s free weight loss program. You can do all three or any combination of them. The absolute key to making this work, is finding what works for you.

What works for someone else may not work for you at all. Be patient, give yourself a break and most importantly give yourself time. The single biggest suggestion that we see help people is to give yourself a lot of runway. If you are overweight or sick, keep in mind that it took you years to get here. 

Here is a list of the three parts:

1. The first and probably most important part of PEERtrainer’s free weight loss program is the PEERtrainer Cheat System. This link will open up a new window and take you to a blog post where you can learn how to download it for free. Basically the Cheat System is a basic guide of what foods to focus on and what foods you need to limit.

It is a VERY forgiving system, and the most important thing to note is that as long as you are keeping in mind “the two lists” it is going to help you. This isn’t something you can fail at. 

This is also the newest offering from PEERtrainer, and is getting very strong reviews early on. The basic feedback we are getting is that it is 1) easy to do and 2) it is working! So definitely check it out.

There is also a support team that you can access after you download the system, if you are into online support environments. We also run a support group on Facebook as well.

 2. The second component of the PEERtrainer free weight loss program, is something called The PEERtrainer Tip Of The Day. It is a series of about 100 pre-loaded emails that are sent out at an interval of 5 emails per week.

The emails guide you through a set of very proven ideas that will help you stay on track, change your thinking, and generally support you through a period where you are. We find that people like information contained in the emails, and also like the reminder that the emails provide.

Even if someone “knows” the information contained in the email, it can simply serve as a reminder or motivator to act. The tip of the day has been around for over two years now, and the results are very strong. There are currently about 40,000 actively subscribed to that service. You can see the actual number when you go to sign up.

3. The third component of PEERtrainer’s free weight loss program is our online group support system. Basically you sign up with a username on the website, and you will get a log and a personal group that is connected to that log. You can then join as many groups (which are 4 people each) or teams, which are unlimited. Your one log is attached to them all, and will shortly be connected to Facebook if you use that service. 

You easily update your food, exercise and thoughts each day and connect with other people. The benefit of this is highly proven by clinical studies. If you log your food each day you are statistically MUCH more likely to lose weight. The same goes for group or “PEER” support.

We find that if people do any one of these things, they tend to have amazing results. If you do all three, and really “do” them, amazing things will happen.

Why Is This Stuff All Free and Is There Stuff You Do Charge For?

Our vision and mission at PEERtrainer is to provide a world class weight loss program that is rooted in science, for free. We have ads on the site, and some of our emails also contain ads.

Additionally we sell some products that are geared to the “mental” aspect of weight loss. We have teamed up with a series of therapists and developed products that are designed to totally change how you think.

If you start to use our free tools, and like them you’ll probably get a good benefit from our paid products. But it is not mandatory at all, and we don’t “hold out on you.” We find that the “mental” stuff really helps lead to permanent shifts. People are usually so burned by the “weight loss” industry and are used to a yo-yo cycle.

Our view is that people ought to only pay for the things that lead to a permanent result. That is our mission.

There is a ton more to PEERtrainer than just these three items. We also regularly publish articles. If you sign up for any of our email lists, you’ll probably be sent links to our new articles once a week or so. People also really enjoy “following along at home” with these emails.

We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook. If you don’t do email, we publish all our new articles on our Facebook Page. Stop by and say hi, we’d love to hear from you!

This All Sounds Great, Where Should I Start?

If you are new to PEERtrainer, you might want to start with a quick glance at our Cheat System and see how you respond to the ideas there.

We view nutrition as one of three main “pillars” of long term health and vibrancy. It is the best place to start. Though we do have quite a journey for you if you are willing!

Once you sign up for the Cheat System, we will send you some reminders once or twice a week about different options you can take to continue your path to awesome-ness!

A Recent Testimonial:

“Dear Jackie,

I’ve been active with PEERtrainer since 2009. I lost 30 pounds and got down to my goal of 122 in the first 6 months, and have managed to keep most of that weight off since then, though at times I’ve bounced back up to the mid-130’s. Then I refocus, address the stressors that are distracting me from healthy eating and active living, and bring my weight back down. I couldn’t have done it without PEERtrainer. Here’s how you helped:

1. I have stayed active in groups and teams from the beginning, and have made really great connections with people virtually and in one case, in person. Together we help each other stay on track, challenge each other, introduce each other to new ideas, books, ways of thinking, and more. 2. You introduced me to “Eat to Live” and Joel Fuhrman, and I adopted the ETL way of eating.

3. I learned about the Couch to 5K program from other group members and became a runner for fun and health (though I probably won’t become a marathoner!)Running is my exercise of choice and has not only helped me lose and keep weight off, it has improved my mood, outlook and self-esteem.

4. I read some of the books that you mentioned were helpful to you — “Healing Back Pain” changed my life! “Emotional Intellegence” put me on a path of on-going self-discovery. Some of the readings have lead me to more fully exploring my own happiness, spirituality, personal growth and fulfillment.

5. I read lots of PEERtrainer articles and have watched many videos and listened to many audios. I make your energy soup! You have helped me change my whole approach to how I think about myself, food and my life.

I feel a twinge of guilt about having taken such full advantage of what you and PEERtrainer have to offer without having ever paid you a cent! Maybe this testimonial can help repay my karmic debt.

Thank you for helping me transform myself into the person I’ve always wanted to me. It’s a journey, and PEERtrainer is a valuable tool that I use every day to help me get there. I’ll be forever grateful.


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