How to Get Rid of Belly Fat: A Complete Guide

by Jackie Wicks

15. Other Changes and Supplements for Belly Fat

Another beneficial effect of exercise is stress-reduction, but not all stress reduction needs to come from exercise. There are also lifestyle changes you can make and supplements you can consider. Because stress influences belly fat not just directly, but also through insulin resistance, tackling stress is key to reducing the amount of fat the body stores as belly fat.

Stress is not only a feeling capable of being changed through physical intervention (massage, aromatherapy, etc.), it is also a chemical change in our body which can be treated with supplements. While stress is itself an unpleasant psychological state, it is cortisol which wreaks havoc upon our body when it is chronically high, and it is cortisol which tells the body to store belly fat.

Psychological aspects of stress may encourage “stress eating” or other detrimental behaviors, and for this reason stress management techniques are important, but in the short-term we can also try to fix cortisol levels and reduce the overall health risk associated with chronically high cortisol levels and the belly fat it encourages.

16. Relora Can Really Help

Relora, recommended by Dr. Oz, is a mixture of herbs of and B vitamins which helps to control cortisol levels in the blood and relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. The difference between Relora and Relora Plus is the additional B vitamins, which play crucial roles in the formation of new neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, all of which stress can rapidly reduce.

Furthermore, because stress and anxiety are so often connected to an increased risk of depression, and depression itself can be the result of certain B vitamin deficiencies, it can be doubly important to maintain healthy levels of B vitamins in the body. B vitamins are also water-soluble, meaning your body cannot store them as it can vitamins like D and A, making these vitamins important to take on a regular basis.

Adaptogenic herbs can also play a role in cortisol levels and stress reduction. Ashwagandha prevents decreases in vitamin C and cortisol content of the adrenals during stress. Siberian ginseng has been found to reduce the cardiovascular response to stress.

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