7 Things You Must Know About Hormones

by Jackie Wicks

Male Hormone Panel TestingMale Hormone Panel™ (MHP™)

The Male Hormone Panel™ (MHP™) is an in-home saliva lab test. There’s no appointment to book, no driving to the doctor’s office. Simply follow the instructions provided to collect samples, send in a pre-addressed, pre-paid mailer, and within a week a follow-up consultation will be scheduled to discuss results and a treatment plan.

5 reasons you should use the saliva tests in the Male Hormone Panel:

  1. They are affordable and less expensive than blood or urine tests. You save $250 – $300 on seven hormones.
  2. The collection procedure spares you from the biohazards and pain of venipunctures.
  3. Results are more clinically reflective of your hormone status and needs.
  4. Results can lead to an individualized and customized treatment plan using tress management, exercise, proper nutrition, dietary supplements, and if necessary androgen replacement therapy.
  5. You will minimize overdosing and underdosing. This will ensure that you use only the proper hormones in the appropriate amounts. With salivary hormone testing, guesswork is minimized.

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Additional questions? Email, live chat or call our customer service staff at 1-800-860-9583. We provide free product consultations and can help answer your questions.

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