Hormone Series Part 7: 3 Great Reasons Saliva Testing is the Way to Test Your Steroid Hormones

by Jackie Wicks

Saliva testing, open mouthSaliva Testing. No Needles!

Saliva testing is a preferred testing method for a few great reasons beyond simply the time and cost factor.

  • All major steroid hormones can be readily detected, and measured with reproducible results, from your saliva.
  • Saliva testing is the only way to measure topically dosed hormone. The discrepancy between free and protein bound hormones becomes especially important when monitoring topical, or transdermal, hormone therapy. Studies show that this method of delivery results in increased tissue hormone levels (thus measurable in saliva), but no parallel increase in blood serum levels. Therefore, salivary testing is the most valid way to monitor topical hormone therapy.
  • Best of all, salivary testing is non-invasive. Let’s face it, who would choose venipuncture if a biomarker can be identified and measured in the saliva? Puncturing a vein with a needle exposes you to inflammation, infection, pain, vein thrombosis. Venipuncture is also expensive, labor intensive, inconvenient, and carries the risk of adverse health outcomes. In contrast, salivary testing can be performed with comfort and convenience at your own home or office.

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