How The Cheat System Diet Works Where Other Diets Fail or Stop Working

by Jackie Wicks
The Cheat System Diet

1) How Does The Cheat System Diet Work? Why Does It Succeed When Other Diets Stop Working

Everyone cheats on their diet. But no one has developed a system to cheat the right way. The current diets demand that you give up your favorite foods or entire food groups or that you endure being hungry. Who can do this with the demands of life? You need energy. You need to be able to go to a dinner or an afternoon outing without driving your cortisol up about how you’re going to diet.

The Cheat System Diet stops us from beating ourselves up for not going to the gym or having some chocolate. It’s simple. You have a list with EATS on the left and CHEATS on the right. You eat unlimited EATS and count your CHEATS. There are a few exceptions to the rule, of course. We do all of the figuring out for you. It’s wonderful not having to worry about fiber or fat.

The CSD is successful because of the principles of successful weight loss:
a) Nothing is off the table. You’re never going through brain chaos (we explain this later). Every single food is included and our recipes are mouth watering. You don’t have to suffer through tasteless lettuce. One of our fan favorites is Warm Applewood Bacon Soup. If you like your food, you’re going to be successful.

b) You’re full. You have a list of unlimited foods from the EAT column. And you have to eat your EATS. They will help you regulate your cortisol and they will make you feel satisfied. You have to feel satisfied to be successful. You can’t hang on for dear life and starve yourself long term.

“Cheating” on your diet is normal behavior. You just need the actual system to do it right. And that’s what I’ve created with the Cheat System Diet.

2) How Does The Cheat System Diet Work? Wouldn’t you lose weight faster if you just didn’t eat the cheat foods? Why prolong it?

No. Because you throw yourself into what’s called “brain chaos.” You know when someone tells you you can’t eat bacon and suddenly all you want is bacon? You go crazy with the bacon, on a complete binge and reverse all the great, hard work that you’ve done on your diet. This is what happens when you try to eliminate your cheats.

You go into brain chaos. Your brain says, “this is NOT a good deal for me, I’m going to have WHATEVER I want and there’s nothing you can do about it.” It’s almost as if something else is controlling you. Your brain won’t make a bad deal. A bad deal is getting rid of cheats. If you try to pull out the cheats all at once, it’s going to backfire, and you’re going to fail.

CSD was built on the idea that “Cheating” on your diet is normal behavior. This is a radical shift for most people familiar with old fashioned diets. But it works. The permission to cheat somehow is almost a reward in itself. And you finally stop feeling guilty for having the cheese or the chocolate.

3) What Are The Scientific Studies That Back Up The Cheat System Diet?

There are hundreds of studies that show as Micronutrient intake increases, weight and disease decrease. In my book, I mention that researchers are starting to look into what they call “pharmacological manipulation of adipose (body fat) tissue to offer therapeutic options for the treatment of obesity and related metabolic disorders.” Translated into English, this means that drug companies are trying to turn the properties of these foods into drugs. But the focus on EATS will give your body the same results: weight loss.

And if you only focus on “portion control?” There are numerous studies that show that portion control can’t work on its own. Specifically, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study that compared what participants said they ate when they recorded their calories to what they actually ate. The participants under-reported their daily average intake by 47 percent! If you’re following a portion control only diet at 1700 calories a day, you could be eating 799 more calories a day!

Portion control (CHEATS) are part of the plan so you don’t go into brain chaos. EATS help your body run efficiently, and help you feel full. The system works on reducing inflammation, balancing your hormones and I go in depth and reference much of this in the book. The Cheat System Diet way of eating shrinks the fat storage system. But for many people, you just want it made easy and that’s what I focused on – making an easy-to-do diet that you can do anytime, anywhere successfully.

4) How do people keep from overdoing the cheats? Aren’t sugary foods addictive, therefore creating more cravings? Or are sugary foods off limits?

The system is very clear. Over 100,000 people downloaded the plan before it was a major book and they had success even before we developed the specific 3 week plan. We are very generous with the cheats because we can be: when you focus on the EATS, your body can deal with the foods that aren’t going to give you any micronutrient benefits. Without micronutrients (EATS) your willpower disappears and you’re back to where you started.

There isn’t ONE food taken off the table. You love your coffee? Your potato chips? Your wine? You can still have them. Cravings are mental and physical. The EATS help you with the physical part of the equation. The Cheats help you feel like psychologically, you can do this. And you will for the long term. Simply give people an alternative path and the definitive system of how cheating should work helps them gain an upper hand with their sugar and cravings over time.

5) Is there a daily calorie limit overall? Or just for cheats?

The calorie limit only applies to CHEATS. One cheat is 100 calories. The entire left side of the list, “The EATS ” is unlimited. And those are the foods that are going to actually make you feel full. We’ve all heard nothing tastes as good as thin feels. That’s crazy when you feel so hungry! If your boss puts you under pressure or you have a fight with your spouse/partner, your discipline goes out the window. And why wouldn’t it? You’re actually hungry. We have a great visual of this in Chapter 1. This is why the Cheat System Diet works. You fill up on your EATS, you count your CHEATS and you lose weight.

6) How long do you suggest continuing after you’re ready to move on from the diet and resume normal life? Do you add any foods back in? Allow more cheats? What do you do to keep on losing or maintaining the weight loss?

That’s what’s great about the system: No food is off the table. You don’t have to worry about adding foods back in. I’ve seen that people really understand their cheat number through the system after they’ve done the diet for only 7 days. You can bank your cheats for a big event or a night out when you know you’re going to eat whatever you want. And the best part: we have an incentive system. You can earn extra cheats when you need them.

People tell me every day they’ve done all the diets out there. Many of these people say that CSD is their “forever diet.” You don’t have to put anything off. You don’t have to do any special preparation. You can start right now.

I have over 100 amazing recipes in the book that people rave about. You can eat out, grab and go, and still succeed on the plan. You can get the book at your local bookstore or go to Amazon to read the first 50 pages for free. This system works and you’ll see how people do this and maintain this as their “forever” diet.

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